Custom Wooden Flags

For Your Home Or Business


Wooden Flags

We work closely with every client to ensure we design the perfect wooden flag for them. Browse some of our custom projects below.

• Custom Wooden Flags •

We create custom wooden flags of all sizes and all kinds. A wood flag will endure for generations. If you’re looking for a special gift, or something to memorialize someone lost in the line of duty, let us know. We can design, create, and paint the flag to your specifications.


Examples of our custom wooden flag capabilities include:

  • Wooden American Flag
  • Thin Blue Line Wood Flag
  • U.S. Armed Forces Wooden Flags
  • Law Enforcement Flags
  • Fire Department Flags
  • State Flags
  • International Flags
  • Sports Team Flags

While most of the requests for wooden flags we get are listed above, we can also do whimsical flags and club flags, such as a pirate flag or motorcycle club flag. We may ask for a picture of your flag if it’s not something we’re familiar with. We may also ask if you would prefer to have your design in the form of a custom wood sign if we think that might be a better solution.


Our Process

All of the wood we use is locally and sustainably sourced. We can also use reclaimed wood if you have something you would like us to use. Each wooden flag is unique, and ACS owner and master craftsman Chris Stadler will use various techniques to achieve the look you want. These can include hand carving, millwork, wood burning, painting, distressing, and more.


For smaller items like wooden flags and signs, you can pick them up at our custom woodworking shop in Berkely Springs, WV if you are in the vicinity. We can also ship your wood flag to your home or business. 


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Use our contact form or call us at 443-804-6447 to let us know what you are looking for. You can also message us on social media for a quick response.

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