Custom Wooden Name Signs

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Wooden Name Signs

We work closely with every client to ensure we design the perfect wooden name sign for them. Browse some of our custom projects below.

• Custom Wooden Name Signs •

Are you looking for the perfect gift or addition to your home’s décor? Consider our custom wooden name signs. We design and handcraft these personalized name signs to your specifications – length, height, type of script or font, stained, painted, etc.

We can also do custom wood name signs for your business. These are for interior décor, rather than exterior business signs.
Examples include:

Nursery Name Signs

You put a lot of thought into what you would name your baby. Celebrate your new arrival and your choice of names with a custom wood baby name sign. Hang it above the crib or elsewhere in the room. It’s a tasteful way to decorate, and the sign can stick with your child as long as they wish. It can even help them to learn to spell their own name!

Family Name Signs

Family name signs are great gifts for the guy, gal, or family that has everything. Celebrate the family with a custom wooden name sign. We can design and craft a sign that incorporates symbols of your heritage as well. That could include the choice of font, for example, or carving in small items in addition to the name. These signs are perfect for displaying in your family room, basement, or cabin.

Teen Name Signs

If your teen is tired of the nursery name sign and ready for something more grown up, or if they go by a nickname now, think about a custom wooden name sign to help celebrate them today. You may want to involve your teen in the design of the sign to help ensure they’re happy with the result and will display it proudly.

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We source all of the hardwood we use in all of our projects both locally and sustainably. We have access to all different species of hardwoods, including white oak, red oak, poplar, maple, hickory, beech, ash, birch, and black walnut, to name a few.
If you’re not in the vicinity of our custom woodworking shop in Berkeley Springs, WV, we can ship your item to you. Use our contact form or call us at 443-804-6447 to set up a consultation. You can also message us on social media for a quick response.


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